Book Freak

I am and I always will be a book freak. Books, not texts, not ebooks – real books with pages and smells and cozy feeling that your are a child  with a light under the bed cover when your mother said that you have to sleep. I loved to read as a child – of course not books for school, I loved to read in high school – especially books that professors told me that are to hard for me to understand, I loved to read at university when I read in the most strange situations and places and I love to read now . I do not think that there is a replacement for a book that you can not let it down and you savor each page, each word until you’re done. I read with no exception authors that are respected and “feared” for their ideas and techniques, but I read also “trivial” authors, that write an easy book but with flair and narcotic like properties.


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