egocentric universe

I am not a writer. Probably I will never be one, my ideas are always fuzzy and difficult to explain to the others. Not because I am illiterate but because they are always changing and blooming. As a child I saw on my school walls a proverb : “do not ever let a day pass without seeing, feeling or reading something good “. And let me tell you something: as a child I was not very impressible, but I do remember that proverb- maybe because it was funnier then to just make my homework. And since I remember, I do search every day for something new or beautiful and I do nor feel good until a score that on my mind calendar. Now I am 30 years old and until now I did stupid stuff, smart staff, young staff – all kind of staff – I read, I wrote, I played, I laughed, I cried – I lived!!! My god, I lived!!! And as you see from my last phrases – “I” was the center of my universe. I do not believe in many things, especially not in me or in a possibility that a higher power will intervene for me in need – I think we are on this world to find our happiness without disturbing or destroying others. But this is a tricky thing – we are social animals and we are happy when we share our feelings and experiences, when our egocentric universe collides with other universes and harmonizes with them. So this is what I want to do with my blog – I want to show my universe through my eyes and if there is a tangential meeting with another one – perfect! if not just remembering is enough. Starting from today I will post something every day – a word, a pic , a link, a poem – something that I appreciate positive or negative.


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